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The British Museum Euro Special Note
The Fitzwilliam Museum Euro special Note

The Euro collectible notes
Euro Special Note: collect them all !

The Euro Special Notes are official collectible notes. The notes are issued on the occasion of a special place, person or historical event and can be collected. They have collector value and no payment value.

They have different security features which banknotes also have, like a watermark, microlettering, unique numbering, holographic stripe, fluorescent fibers and invisible ink that glow under UV light.

We are pleased to announce that the Brexit Euro Special Note has been added to the note collection of the British Museum in London and the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

The collectible notes

We wish you lots of fun and value in collecting these notes!

Euro Special Note collectible notes : collect them all !

The special features at a glance:
For example, the new Euro Special Notes incorporate these special features into the note:


A watermark of a bull becomes visible when the note is held up to the light. The watermark refers to the mythological story Europa:

According to the best-known version of the story, young Europa was one day playing with her friends on the beach near Sidon when Zeus was struck by the girl’s charms. To escape the eye of his wife Hera, but also not to frighten the girl with his divine appearance, Zeus turned into a white bull.


Euro Special Note watermark


The microtext on the note can be viewed with a magnifying glass.



There is tactile relief in several places on the note.



Even blind people can feel the word “EURO” in braille!

Euro Special Note magnifier

Invisible UV ink

The invisible ink on the note becomes visible with an UV lamp.

Euro Special Note UV


4 Euro notes ordered and received quickly and well packaged. Nice notes, good addition to the other notes offered elsewhere, very collectible value!
Trustpilot Euro Special Note
As a collector of the 0 euro banknotes by chance ended up on this website and all 4 ordered. Coming home these are placed under uv and effective, they are very amazing, very nice details and colorful, cute !! Everything went well and tastes like more.
Trustpilot Euro Special Note
Nice notes, neatly sent
Trustpilot Euro Special Note
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